Romania Project

Supporting child development, improving communication skills and bringing much needed love and attention to people with disabilities living in Government care.


We work with abandoned children who live in Family Type Homes (FTHs – these are Government care homes where 4-8 children live in 2 or 3 bedroom flats, with 1 or 2 carers working shifts to look after them). We use a mixture of play and interactive techniques, physiotherapy and medical intervention to support motor and intellectual development of disabled children.

Our relationship with many of the children continues into adulthood when they are transferred to state institutions, where they spend the reminder of their lives. The adult institution we work in has around 80 residents of varied developmental, physical or medical needs. Many of the adults show signs of institutionalised behaviour due to growing up in large orphanages.

Our small team based work on this project year round. To provide additional input we recruit volunteers to visit the project on short trips during summer months. We recruit qualified healthcare, social care and education professionals annually in June to create care/development programmes for identified individuals and to train local care staff. Following this we have volunteer trips running until September.

Specialist team

One of our Specialist teams who created care plans for individuals and trained the carers on managing behaviour, manual handling and nutrition.

Want to volunteer with us? Here’s the basics:

Age of volunteers 16+
Trip duration  2 weeks
Project location Slatina and Cezieni in Oltenia region, Romania
Getting there You must book your own flights but we will tell you which to book. Airport transfers in Romania provided
Working hours Generally 8.30-12.30am and 3pm-6.30pm Monday-Friday
Accommodation Two bedroom apartment with bunk beds, bathroom and kitchen facilities and living room
Volunteer options New and returning volunteers welcome
Language We have local staff and volunteers who translate for you, so there are no language requirements
Trip dates 2018
  • Paeds Specialist trip 10th – 17th March
  • 24th March – 7th April
  • 2nd – 16th June
  • 16th – 30th June
  • 30th June – 14th July
  • 14th – 28th July
  • 28th July – 11th August
  • 11th – 25th August
  • 25th August – 8th September
  • 8th – 22nd September
Minimum donation  £470 + (6 x £5 monthly Standing order on return) (based on 2017 rate – subject to change)
When to apply Now! We will hold interviews for 2018 trips between November 2017 – March 2018

What volunteers do…

The aim of this project is to work with the adults and children in a way which provides them with some much needed stimulation and helps enhance their development. The nature of our work means nothing is certain, but normally 3 mornings and 5 afternoons each week are spent working in small groups with the children either in the children’s homes or at one of the local parks. The remaining 2 mornings each week are spent at Cezieni, the adult institution.

Volunteers typically work with the children and adults through play, running activities and using a technique called Intensive Interaction. Additional input from our volunteer teams makes such a large impact on the children and improves the livelihood for the adults over the summer months. It is our hope that with volunteer input and training of carers we can continue to facilitate a true and lasting change to current and future children living within the FTHs. This will in turn improve the likelihood of self sufficiency in adulthood.

Although the situation in Romania is improving it is a slow process and our work there remains vital. Please email our Olt Project Coordinator, Megan, on if you have any queries about this project.

Romanian flat block

A typical apartment block where the children’s homes are located.

We consider this project ideal for…

Anyone who genuinely wants to make a difference. We ask that you have some experience of working with vulnerable children or adults (paid or voluntary). We are happy to interview inexperienced people of all ages and backgrounds; we will advise you on how to access some work experience prior to your trip if required. All volunteers must attend our training day and have the ability to work in a diverse team under, at times, rather challenging circumstances.

What’s included in the minimum donation?

Volunteers are asked to raise a minimum donation of £470 (plus an additional standing order of £5 per month for 6 months) which is used towards administration, training, volunteer support, airport transfers, accommodation and in-country support. Funds raised are also used towards medical treatments and other needs of the children and adults we work with. Please note that flights are not included.

Specialist trips

Annually we recruit qualified health professionals for a multi disciplinary team to visit the adult institution or the FTHs. The specialists work together to deliver training for the carers, assess the needs of the adults or children and implement care plans where possible. The Specialist trips normally run at the start of the summer so our volunteers can continue with any interaction based therapies and build upon the foundation set by the Specialists.

One of our Trustees, Claire Wood, leads the Specialist trip each year so please contact her with specific queries on


What are you waiting for – Apply to volunteer!


Lady knitting

A local lady selling her knitted and crocheted items.