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The Woods VS The Para’s 10

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The woods are taking on the Paras’10!
Ian Wood will be running with 35 pounds on his back through the gruelling 10 mile Parachute regiment course, and I (lauren wood) will be pushing him from behind! As many of you know The LIFE Foundation is a charity our family works closely with, this year is no different.

We aim to raise as much as we can to be able to adapt the living spaces of many of the residents in the Romanian homes who are at most confined to their beds. With your help some of the these children will be able to have first time life experiences! We hope you can dig deep and help us out!
All our love,
The Woods

Lucy is Shaving her Head!

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Yes, your eyes do not deceive you – Lucy Swinton, one of our fantastic trustees, is shaving her head to raise money for The LIFE Foundation and another charity, The Mustard Tree, who support homeless people in Manchester. She will also be donating her hair to the Little Princess Trust, who make wigs for children suffering with hair loss.

So what has possessed her to commit to such a drastic fundraiser, you may ask? Lucy has been considering shaving her head since her very first trip to Olt 9 years ago, and has finally set a date. People have asked her lots of questions when she has mentioned her plans in the past, so she’s come up with some ‘FAQs’ to answer the big question ‘why?’

To donate to Lucy’s cause and make this all worth it, click here.



FAQs I’ve had when talking to people about it…


1. Why shave your head?! You have such long/nice hair and you’ll look weird…

The impact the donations will have is more important to me than having long hair 🙂 My hair is pretty important to me but I’ve come to terms with it going soon and will be the same person after… And it’ll grow back! I wanted to do something sort of drastic to raise as much as possible, and being able to donate hair to The Little Princess Trust is an extra incentive.


2. What does your boyfriend / do your family think?

They support me of course! I think Mum and Niko will miss my long hair for a bit but I’ve talked about it for years so they’ve had plenty warning 🙂


3. Who’s cutting your hair?

My good friend Derek, who also happens to be a hairdresser and has looked after my locks for the last 2 years!


4. How short are you going?

I think a number 2!


5. How will you have it when it’s short?

Not sure, will just see what it’s like! I have hats to buffer the September weather!


6. When are you doing it?

Sunday 24th September. There will be an event at Whitworth Park Halls if you would like to come along and support / watch the cut! For more details about the event, click here.

Getting Our Peak On: LIFE Committee vs Three Big Hills

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Back in July The LIFE Foundation’s voluntary leadership committee of Trustees, Project Coordinators and Fundraising/Recruitment Team took on the Yorkshire Three Peaks as a fundraiser for the children and adults we support out in Romania and India. It was a both gruelling and wonderful experience – we finished with soggy feet and swollen hands, but with smiles plastered over our (tired and droopy) faces.


A pic after each peak (the strain beginning to show by the last one…)

On the day I dragged myself up at 4am with four hours sleep, having done absolutely zero training (not big or clever) and about to embark on a 25 mile walk up three big hills. As we approached the beginning point it became clear we were driving further and further into a huge and ominous-looking rain cloud… We were soaked through before we even started (the leggings and trackies we were wearing were definitely meant for brighter days.)


Peak 1: complete

We battled the elements all day; wind, rain, hail, fog – we had it all. Apparently there are lovely views throughout the route, but for most of it we couldn’t see much further than an arm’s length in front of us. But, despite only being able to see foggy greyness around us, reaching each peak was glorious.


Peak 2: reached!


Peak 3: YAY!

After reaching the final peak, the end point seemed to be getting further and further away and we were becoming delirious, with talk turning to how it felt like we were walking on the moon(!) When we finally arrived (eleven and a half hours later and exhausted) back to the village that we started in, we were filled with pride and relief and very much looking forward to curling up cat-like in a duvet for the night.


And we’re back, completing the 25 mile circular route!

What made it all worth it was the incredible generosity of our friends and family, whose sponsorship in the end raised £1,202 for The LIFE Foundation. This amount went so far beyond our expectations, making hobbling up the stairs for the week after the walk seem a small price to pay.

The money will be used for vital things such as healthcare, providing specialist equipment for children and adults with additional physical needs and purchasing supplies needed in order to run our educational projects. It will also be used to pay for trips out for children and adults who otherwise do not have the opportunity to leave their homes.

We want to say a massive thanks to every lovely person who donated to us – it means so much and allows us to offer support to so many people.