Lucy is Shaving her Head!

Lucy is Shaving her Head!

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Yes, your eyes do not deceive you – Lucy Swinton, one of our fantastic trustees, is shaving her head to raise money for The LIFE Foundation and another charity, The Mustard Tree, who support homeless people in Manchester. She will also be donating her hair to the Little Princess Trust, who make wigs for children suffering with hair loss.

So what has possessed her to commit to such a drastic fundraiser, you may ask? Lucy has been considering shaving her head since her very first trip to Olt 9 years ago, and has finally set a date. People have asked her lots of questions when she has mentioned her plans in the past, so she’s come up with some ‘FAQs’ to answer the big question ‘why?’

To donate to Lucy’s cause and make this all worth it, click here.



FAQs I’ve had when talking to people about it…


1. Why shave your head?! You have such long/nice hair and you’ll look weird…

The impact the donations will have is more important to me than having long hair 🙂 My hair is pretty important to me but I’ve come to terms with it going soon and will be the same person after… And it’ll grow back! I wanted to do something sort of drastic to raise as much as possible, and being able to donate hair to The Little Princess Trust is an extra incentive.


2. What does your boyfriend / do your family think?

They support me of course! I think Mum and Niko will miss my long hair for a bit but I’ve talked about it for years so they’ve had plenty warning 🙂


3. Who’s cutting your hair?

My good friend Derek, who also happens to be a hairdresser and has looked after my locks for the last 2 years!


4. How short are you going?

I think a number 2!


5. How will you have it when it’s short?

Not sure, will just see what it’s like! I have hats to buffer the September weather!


6. When are you doing it?

Sunday 24th September. There will be an event at Whitworth Park Halls if you would like to come along and support / watch the cut! For more details about the event, click here.

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